Marriage in Monaco

If you are wishing to get married in the Principality of Monaco spring and summer could be ideal seasons to celebrate such a wonderful occasion.

Even if Monaco does not have the typical wedding tourism, its location provides exclusivity for the precious moment. It also has a special feeling by having the wedding in the same territory where Charlène Lynette Wittstock became the Princess of Monaco.

And what does this Royal wedding mean for people? Everything.

Obviously no wedding can be celebrated in the Throne Room of the Princely Palace, where Miss Wittstock was married to His Serene Highness Prince Albert II in a civil ceremony on 1st July 2011, however the Principality offers many beautiful places to celebrate a wedding.

If you are aiming to get married in the Principality of Monaco spring and summer could be ideal seasons to celebrate such a wonderful occasion. The tremendous beauty of Monaco’s gardens make any wedding special and it will enchain all the hearts.

The Princess Grace Rose Garden is an area of calm and serenity where the scent of some 4,000 roses hang in the air. It is a truly romantic place. I would also recommend the Japanese Garden with its zen feeling for a small wedding reception. Monaco is full with other possibilities since it has many historically filled churches and special atmospheres for important occasions.

The primary requirement for foreign citizens to get married in Monaco is to reside in the Principality for at least 30 days prior to the wedding.

Furthermore every wedding must be preceded by a publication through an announcement. This announcement is posted on the door of the Town Hall for a period of 10 days, which must include two Sundays.

The following documents are to be submitted:

• Certificates of birth of the couple to be married or an attested affidavit issued by a Justice of the Peace or another magistrate at the birthplace or place of domicile

• Certificate of death of the mother and father, if necessary, where one of the couple to be married is a minor

• Certificate of death of the husband or wife in the case of a widow or widower remarrying

• Certificate of consent signed in the presence of a notary by the father or mother who will not be present in person at the wedding where one of the couple to be married is a minor

• Certificate of granting of a divorce in the case of a husband or wife whose first marriage has been dissolved

• Translation of foreign documents submitted, being countersigned by the consuls of the country or countries of which the couple to be married are subjects

• The customary certificate issued by these same consuls

• Certificate of publication of the marriage banns and of no caveat being entered if one of the couple to be married does not live in the Principality or has not resided for one month without a break on the date of publication laid down by the law, which is obligatory

• If a marriage contract has been made, the couple to be married must produce the certificate of the notary who received it (the marriage settlement used in Monaco is that under which husband and wife administer their separate properties)

Talking about marriage contract it is almost like a preference (requirement) in Monaco.

I remember when I aimed to change bank I went to meet with the client representative and they immediately mentioned that a marriage contract is essential for opening a bank account. When I started to wonder why, I was kindly informed that most banks like to maintain a very closed and confidential relationship with their clients. By having a divorce the bank can be faced with the situation whereby it has to disclose financial information regarding its client. To avoid this they prefer a marriage contract.

“Prenuptial agreements could be useful to protect your wealth and heritage. It is also a good way to avoid any misunderstanding.”

For those who are interested in an unbiased opinion we would highly recommend Mr. Donald Trump’s legendary book called “Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life”. In this exceptional book the real-estate icon dedicated a full chapter for marriage contracts. We always loved its title: “I love you, sign this”.

Nobody plans to divorce, but Trump creates a very clean argument about prenuptial agreements since he saw people and businesses being destroyed because of not having marriage contracts.

Obviously the marriage changes many things, because the number of people in a household is a key important in the calculation of the yearly living fund and it can happen that you need to raise your original bank account opening amount to maintain your residency under the new circumstances. Many banks calculate the basic living fund for the statement they provide to the Government based on the number of people in the household.

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