The Land Of Wealth

Welcome to my hometown   Here you will find news and views from Monaco, the idyllic Principality nestled the Mediterranean Sea and the Alps, bordered by France on all sides and a jump away from Italy. I spent many years there, went to school in Monaco at the Lycee Albert Ier and loved every minute of it. I want to share all that Monaco… Read More


Le Rocher

The Rock, as we call it.  This is where the Palace is located, as well as City Hall and the Lycee Albert Ier. Please follow and like us:


La Place Du Casino

Welcome to the very best sightseeing in the world! La Place Du Casino is flanked by L’Hotel De Paris, Le Cafe De Paris, Le Casino and is heaven for every luxury cars’ aficionado. Please follow and like us:


Monte-Carlo deep within me

  It is said that we are a product of our environment.  In many ways, I agree with that statement.  Yet we are so much more.  We take our environment and add experiences that mold who we become.  My years in Monte-Carlo created a glorious baseline appreciation for luxury.  Sights, smells, art, real estate, food, all landmarks of what true luxury is about. I… Read More