Chicago Luxury Abounds

Are you relocating from the East or West Coasts and are worried about losing your luxury lifestyle?  Fear not!  Chicago welcomes luxury connaisseurs with open arms. Please follow and like us:


Style & Elegance

It’s not about money.  It’s all about style, elegance and confidence. Surrounding ourselves with what makes us feel our best. Wealth starts with a state of mind.  Follow your most powerful thoughts to reality. Please follow and like us:

Oak Street

Stroll down Oak Street right off Michigan Avenue and discover elegance, style and Chicago at its best. Stop for lunch at Fig & Olives for a Mediterranean flavored meal! Please follow and like us:


Booth One At Ambassador Hotel

Don’t miss a delicious meal at Booth One in the Ambassador Hotel in the heart of Chicago’s Gold Coast. The menu is fantastic and the elegant retro ambiance is fabulous. Please follow and like us:


Christian Dior Is Here

Inspired by Peter Marino’s designed flagship store in Paris, this two-story fabulous boutique is the perfect addition to Oak Street! Please follow and like us:


Luxury Is A State Of Mind

  We’ve all heard that money doesn’t buy happiness. I wholeheartedly agree! I grew up surrounded by incredible wealth (not ours, mind you! More on that later), and I was fortunate enough to learn that very valuable lesson early on in my life. I feel compelled to share part of my personal story because, as we connect with each other all over the world… Read More